News: Super Small Business World Conversation and Information Objectives

Super Small Business World Conversation and Information Objectives

One of the objectives of the writings and other media items chosen or created for the Super Small Business World is to help small business managers and potential managers obtain access to information to begin the research needed to make key decisions. Another objective is to facilitative thinking in the lines of exploring possible opportunities. A third objective is to encourage the readers and learning participates that there is hope of a brighter future and that positive reality is within reach.

The planned subject series for the administrative blog include:

  1. How Do You Create Your Own Job?

-designed to help in the exploration of discovering possible business and employment ideas may be a good fit.

2.  How Do You Know If You Can or Should Start a Business?

-designed to help explore whether your ideal employment ideas should be formalized into a business venture or as an employee or volunteer value added problem solver

3.  How Do You Handle Payroll?

- designed to make key decisions such as: (1) outsource or in house (2) employee or non-employee. Also deal with key information relative to the decisions to be made.

4.  How To Handle Informational Reporting for Business

- designed to deal with how to locate information on what federal and state information forms or required for business, the deadlines to file and where to send the completed forms.

5.  How Do You Do A Business Plan?

- designed to discuss the parts of a business plan, what information is involved in each part, and why a business plan is needed.

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