News: Why Help?

Why Help?

When stories are told about people in need, the ones with happy endings include the details of someone that produced an action that caused the people in need to be better off than before. Do we have to wait for the identification of a need? Could we on purpose just plan to present products and services that cause our customers and client to see an improvement in their circumstances just because of the business interchange with an owner manager of purpose? The fair exchange of products or services with monetary compensation adds value to the transcation. All parties involved have value added to them because clients and customers are getting products and services designed to meet a need. This can also be made applicable to the bonus customer service where valuable time is given to customers and clients in addition to the primary service or product. The benefit to the community is manifested in a collection of people dedicated to give to someone else the equivalent of that value-added quality of service or product that was received by them. We all benefit as people of planet earth because value-added help to others will become the standard operating procedure to assist people without crushing or dishonoring them in the way we offer and administer our help.

Why should small business ower/ managers lead the way? First, any change starts with the people who are willing and capable of change. Second, change requires resources. Third, change in action must start with a change in thinking. Therefore, we start here with the discussion of the idea until someone decides that the opportunity has arrived that allows an action. Give this some thought before you respond. Who do you want to see helped? If enough of us help who we can in the way we can, more people would be helped.

Caution: Before I leave this topic, let me address the red flag laying on the elephant in the room. This discussion is not designed to make small business owner/ manages the target of prey. The point is to start the helping train so that others can get on with the helping too. We don't want to create a situation where everyone is waiting on one group to start because all who can will need to eventually join the helping for this to be successful. The point here is to suggest that everyone should consider starting with some help to someone instead of decided to do nothing because the job is too big for one group or one person to do alone. If everyone does nothing, we can be assured that nothing will get done and no one will be help. The good news reality is that there are already some people helping some people. This is our opportunity to consider what to do about the rest of the job.


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