How To: Do a Business Part 2 of 5

Do a Business Part 2 of 5

Although a business plan is a technical document, remember that this first draft will not be. The audience and author of this document will be the owner/manager of the small business. The purpose is to get as much information written as possible so this draft can be used as a starter for versions of the business plan that are crafted for other audiences. It eliminates the possibility of the first business plan you write for other audiences actually looks like your first attempt. Since the later documents will be edited versions of the draft 1, this process helps avoid writer's block or other issues from starting a document from scratch. Writer confidence is increased because the writing project is divided into manageable success tasks.

The first page of this document will be a title page. You just want to put enough information to identify the document. Here are some suggestions: (1) Business plan for ABC Business Draft 1, (2) Author: Your Name, (3) Audience: Your name, (4) Date draft was created, (5) Any information about the story of the naming of your business. Make sure that you save each draft separately by audience or key change for a particular audience. For example, allow drafts for the owner/manager to be labeled 1, 1A, 1B, 1C, etc. This pattern will allow you to know that the first draft for each audience is the draft numbered without a letter. This suggests that this version will always have more free writing in case you need to go back and pick up an idea that you cut the first time around.

The story concerning the reason or process for naming your business can be used in your marketing message to encourage members of your target market to make a connection. Making notes early in the process helps to ensure that the story told is true as you remember it. If you have not named your business yet, you have an opportunity to make notes through each step of the process to aid in sharing a more genuine message. What are the key concerns in naming your business? Do you want the business name to cause the audience to remember an emotion or a happy thought? Do you want the name to start with a certain alphabet or number? Do you need the name to work with an organization or corporation type? You can continue brainstorming the naming ideas and research any idea that needs more clarity. Thank you for your participation in this learning process.

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