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Forum Thread: A Five-Point Guideline for Writing a Top Quality Coursework

In addition to exams, high school and college students are regularly assessed by coursework papers. These coursework papers also contribute to the students' overall term performance that is the reason students are expected to do well at them. However, at a number of times students struggle to showcase their abilities; failing to write impressive content and as a result, earn poor grades at them.

Forum Thread: 5 Important Tips on How to Start a Business

Having a business means being your own boss and answering to none but yourself. At the end of the day you are the one to be responsible for the losses, but any profit that you are going to make is also going to be all yours in the same way. With the job market going through an all-time low around the world, it has become a compulsion and not a choice for many people to start own business and make it flourish. Read on to get some interesting tips on how to start a business and make it a succes...

Forum Thread: How Do You Create Your Own Job?

How do you create your own job? Would you create a service as a freelance contractor? Would you suggest a job share project that solves a key business problem and makes all that participate employees with benefits? Would you be a volunteer in a non-profit organization addressing an issue that matters to you? What personal finance issue do you need to address to have the compensation you need? Would you be willing to work more than one job to get the monetary and non-monetary compensations nee...

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