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Forum Thread: Do Laser Hair Caps Provide Real Hair Growth?

I am considering getting a Hair Laser Cap since I am losing my hair - I am a female who has already used a liquid monoxidil with propecia given to me by my dermotologist but they made a mistake and had to stop this since I had breast cancer. (I know I told them this the first time I met them...) Anyhow, propecia, and the type of breast cancer I had do not mix well - at least in current studies. So I was given another product. So far I was unhappy with all of this since I think it was the mino...

Forum Thread: How Correct Investment Can Elevate Your Startup

Investment is the most important aspect of a startup, every entrepreneur can quickly understand that their every action in a startup is an investment. The investment may be in the form of conducting research, integrating software, hiring people or making third-party acquisitions or spending time with the company members regarding the growth of the company is an investment.

Forum Thread: How Do You Create Your Own Job?

How do you create your own job? Would you create a service as a freelance contractor? Would you suggest a job share project that solves a key business problem and makes all that participate employees with benefits? Would you be a volunteer in a non-profit organization addressing an issue that matters to you? What personal finance issue do you need to address to have the compensation you need? Would you be willing to work more than one job to get the monetary and non-monetary compensations nee...

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